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Direct quoting from a single page


How do I write reference list for direct quoting from a single page?

Is it same format as multiple page reference list except pp. becomes p.?

I've found in-text referencing style for single page direct quoting but not the reference list. 

For example

(CMK 2014b, p. 8) for in-text

CMK 2014b, Code, viewed 1 June 2019, <file:///C:/Users/13243961/Downloads/>, p.8. 

# This was an web government document with page numbers 

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Hi Young Mi,

D Litting's picture
D Litting, 12 months ago

Hi Young Mi,

When referring to a single page  that you are quoting from in-text you use a single p. in the way you have shown in your example: (CMK 2014b, p.8)

However you do not need to list pages you quoted from in your reference list. So the reference would omit the p.8. Also your reference has a file location instead of a url. If possible it would be better to list a url in your reference as no-one will be able to access that file as it is on your personal computer. 

Hope this helps, let me know if not



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